In Line Salt Water Sacrificial Anode

RRP: £322.80


Available for new or existing installations, or a ladder attachment

Needed for salt water pools

Prevents corrosion on metal components

Protects heaters, pool lights, and rails from damage

Lasts up to 3 years


Salt Water Sacrificial Anodes help protect elements of your pool from corrosion, such as pool lights, handrails, heaters, and fittings. It has a see-through protective sleeve to enable easy maintenance and viewing.

Salt Chlorinators can cause a number of problems including damage to heaters and black staining to metal ladders, lights etc. This is caused through “Galvanic Corrosion”. The problem of galvanic corrosion can be easily stopped by using a sacrificial Zinc Anode, this simply allows the anode to erode before all other metals in the water. Zinc anodes are designed for the pool industry, to fit into new or existing pools.

Anything that is metal and in contact with your salt pool water could be at risk of conducting electrical current and corroding, the anode is there to ‘sacrifice’ itself, it corrodes instead of the metal in your pool.

In Line Sacrificial Anode

  • Designed for new pools but can be easily retrofitted.
  • Standard 2″ pipe fitting (can be reduced to 50mm or 1.5″)
  • Inline zinc anode for new installations
  • 4′ of #8 copper bonding wire included
  • See-through housing allows the anode to be easily replaced when depleted

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