VRAC Hydraulic Safety Valve with 50mm straight double connection

RRP: £248.40


VRAC Hydraulic 50mm Safety Valve features:

  • Ø50 straight double hose.
  • Other connection options can be found on the grouped product here.
  • Electrical characteristics of the solenoid:
    • Voltage: 24 Vac
    • Consumption: 0.125 A
  • Range working pressure: 0.2 to 3 kg/cm2 (2.9 – 43.5 psi).
  • Flow range between 0.5 m³/h and 14 m³/h.


The VRAC Hydraulic safety valve with 50mm straight double connection is designed to be installed in the drain outlet of an automatic selector valve on a pool filter. The valve is designed to prevent water loss when the valve changes its position or when the electricity fails and the valve remains in a position that could empty the pool. Recommended for use with the VRAC system.

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