Roldeck Automatic All seasons Pool Cover

The Roldeck Automatic Cover is the 'original' in the automated pool covers, Roldeck has been designing and manufacturing Automatic covers since 1973. Beautiful and completely bespoke, perfect for your unique pool, offering an amazing aesthetic finish, keep the debris out and the heat in, save money on bills and save time with the motorised system.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use these covers offer everything you need for your pool including:

  • Durability
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Beautiful looks
  • Controlled evaporation
  • Safety
  • Easy to operate 
  • Optional In Roller Motor System
  • Bespoke
  • Complies with French Safety standard NFP90-308

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The Roldeck pool cover is made using interlocking sections which can be made using  PVC or Poly-carbonate and there is a solar option for outdoor pools to maximise the transfer of solar heat energy to your pool. The interlocking sections have a 0.5" interspace similar to that of a double glazed window which will improve your pool's heat retention dramatically and therefore saving on your heating expenditure. No cover pump is required as rainwater simply passes through between the interlocking slats.

Touch screen control with safety lock will remotely operate the 24 volt motor so you can simply and easily open and close the cover. The In Roller Motor System does not need a separate motor pit, no risk of flooded motors, built-in pressure sensor, fully serviceable and simple to install on existing pools. 

Please note that these are bespoke covers and are therefore non-returnable.

Roldeck Automatic Cover 

Manufacturer Roldeck
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