Solex Solar Powered Roller

The Solar Powered Roller is simple and easy to install and will offer you an automatic cover without the expense of an electrical one. An excellent way to save money and it is the most popular solar roller cover on the market.

It works by using a photovoltaic panel which charges a dry cell battery by converting light energy into electrical energy, the greater the light the greater the conversion, the energy made is stored in the battery, which means on darker days the cover will still work. It can be installed on new or existing outdoor pools and can be used with solar blankets up to 6m wide and 13m long.

Made of anodised aluminium and strong PVC with a telescopic roller tube for flexibility of size. Simple switch for use with adjustable limit 12v motor to enable accurate cover positioning. We recommend using an Aquablade towing system with this roller.


  • No mains needed
  • Easy to install and use
  • 12v motor with an adjustable start/stop limits
  • Supplied with cover to roller cords
  • Photovoltaic panel
  • 5.7 amp battery

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Solex Solar Powered Roller

Solex Solar Powered Roller
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