Exercise Pools

Creating an above-ground exercise pool could not be simpler with one of our kits, whether you choose to build your resistance pool yourself or let us build it you will be getting an amazing addition to your life at a great cost. Swimming is proven to be an amazing way to exercise and is particularly good for those with musculoskeletal issues who require low impact exercise.

Our DIY wooden pool kits come with everything you need to get your exercise journey started. You have a choice of swimjets depending on your requirements. Choose one of our carefully selected heaters to maximise your enjoyment, to use your pool all year round you could add a beautiful enclosure and create your own indoor pool.

Two heating options:

Our electric heaters contain titanium elements, extremely safe to operate, variable mounting options, 3-year warranty (when fitted by a trained engineer) and offer 100% operational efficiency throughout its product life.

Our heat pumps are extremely quiet to run, contain a titanium heat exchanger to resist salt and chlorine, intelligent digital controls, high energy coefficient up to 6.2, automatic defrost, 2-year warranty (when fitted by a trained engineer). Winter cover included.

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