Stain & Scale Inhibitor 1ltr

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Blue Horizons Stain & Scale Inhibitor 1ltr is used If your swimming pool is in a hard water area (high calcium levels). If Stain & Scale Inhibitor is not applied, it may suffer from scale deposits on pool surfaces, pipework and heater elements. In certain situations metal staining (e.g. copper or iron) can also prevail. To prevent both of these problems, an application of Stain & Scale Inhibitor should be added directly to your pool water on a monthly basis.



  1. Important: Before using this product, ensure that sanitiser levels are not greater than 3mg/l (ppm) for product effectiveness.
  2. Backwash the filter before application. 1. Apply the product as close to the stain/scale as possible with the pool filtration system turned off. 2. Brush the stain and scale daily for 5 – 7 days following treatment.
  3. Repeat the treatment for large heavily stained areas, but do not exceed the dose of 3 litres per 45,450 litres (10,000 gallons) of pool water.

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