Rolltrot Cover Winding System

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Quick Features:

  • Assists with opening and closing of the pool cover
  • Wired remote control
  • Complete with battery charger
  • Direct replacement for the Droopi and Easy Pro 4
  • Suitable for covers up to 5.5m x 12.0m


Technical Information:

  • Operation: 12 V battery integrated into the housing.
  • Estimated rolling up time: 10.50 x 5.50 m bar cover < 3 min.
  • Recharging: On mains once/week: ± 10 roll-ups.
  • Weight of the ROLLTROT: 6.5 kg
  • Max. dimension of the bar cover: 5.50 x 12 m or 6.00 x 11.50 m


Rolltrot Cover Winding System | Blue Cube Direct

  1. Ultra easy
    It simply slots on to all of your EASY bar covers, to the right and to the left hand side.
    The rolling up time on a 4 x 8 m pool is less than 2 and a half minutes. Easily adaptable to other makes of bar covers.
    Unique design
    ROLLTROT has been awarded the 2012 design label by the Observer.
  2. Smart handle
    Strengthened ergonomic transport handle for comfortable handling. Hollow, the cabled remote control fits into it.
  3. Stand-alone
    Its battery integrated into the box recharges on the mains even after long periods of inactivity. Charger with anti-corrosion protection.
  4. Silent
    Large diameter hollow wheels with soft tyres.
  5. Charge indicators
    A led is built into the charger to indicate the battery’s charge status (red: charging/green: charged) and the charger’s operation.
    Touch System
    Guarantees constant pressure on the rear wheels and eliminates jolts.
  6. Reverse Function
    Whatever the cover position during roll-up, the Rolltrot can be removed very easily by pressing on “REVERSE” button.

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