How to save money on hot tub running costs?

Wednesday, 23rd Oct 2019 in News

You love your hot tub but not the running costs, a well-run hot tub should cost between £30 and £40 a month. We have scoured all the most reputable sources and collated years of experience to create this ultimate guide to saving money on your hot tub running costs. In the age where we need to conserve energy and try to reduce our co2 emissions, it is worth trying to reduce the running costs of your spa.

1)      Firstly, it will not save you money to turn off your hot tub between uses as it costs a lot to heat up a large amount of water each time, so we suggest keeping your hot tub at a continuous optimum temperature.

2)      Reduce your temperature, I know that may not appeal, especially on colder days, however, lowering the temperature by a few degrees will save you around 10% per degree. This is great for those who don’t use their hot tub very often or for those that feel the need to constantly used the cool down seat when they are in their tub. However, if you must have it at around 38-40 then this may not be the best solution as you will then have to spend money on reaching that temperature every time you want to use it.

3)      Reduce the temperature when you are away. There is no need to spend money on keeping it super-hot when you aren’t going to use it. If you are lucky enough to have a wifi controlled hot tub you can always turn it up just before you get home so that you can use it straight away. During warmer months it may be possible to significantly lower the thermostat when you are away however we recommend keeping some level of heat in your tub during colder months to prevent any freezing and therefore burst pipes.

4)      Insulation and your cover can make a huge difference to the running costs of your hot tub, the more heat you keep in the less you will pay for electricity. What condition is your hot tub cover? Is it worn and beginning to take on water? If so, the thermal layers have started to break down and you will be losing a significant amount of heat.  Add a thermal floating blanket under your hot tub cover to add to the thermal efficiency of your hot tub and reduce heat loss by up to 95%. Also, ensure that the cover is snug, and the straps are tight to stop any heat leakage. The other area that causes significant heat loss is the cabinet of the hot tub. Often the shell is surrounded by some form of insulation but there is often space for additional insulation such as sprayed insulation on the cabinet wall or some form of an insulating board.

5)      Reduce the wind exposure by placing your hot tub in a sheltered area or planting shrubbery around to add extra insulation. Click here for a little inspiration.

6)      Keep on top of any leaks, this will save you money on water bills but also on reheating your tub every time you top up.

7)      Using your air jets can create a whole new massage experience, however, introducing cold air into your tub will lower the temperature of the hot tub causing the hot tub to expend more energy trying to keep it as the desired temperature.

8)      Keeping your filter clean is a must, not only for your health but also for your energy bills, if your filter is dirty the hot tub will have to work harder to get the water to flow correctly, therefore working longer and costing more.

9)      Have you checked your tariff? I know it may seem like a simple thing, but sometimes it can make quite a large difference. Some companies provide cheaper times, if you are on one of these tariffs then it would be wise to set your heating and filtering cycles during these periods

10)   If you are planning on using your hot tub during the winter, one way to save money is to ensure your water change takes place before the temperature drops, this means you won’t be trying to heat 3-degree water instead of 10-degree water which will obviously take longer and cost more.

11)   Keep on top of your water levels, if the water levels drop too low you will experience flow issues but in some cases, your heater will turn off which means you’ll have to start heating from scratch.

12)   Don’t drain your hot tub unnecessarily, it is important to drain 2-3 times a year as the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) build-up and sanitisers become less effective however with good sanitisation and regular maintenance there should be no reason to empty your hot tub more regularly than this. Every time you empty your hot tub you must pay to refill and reheat which is expensive and not great for the environment. You can purchase a neutralising aid that can be used to turn your hot tub water into the perfect water to use in your garden.

13)   Finally, ensure your hot tub is energy efficient. If your hot tub is over 10 years old, it might be time to consider a new one which will have significantly improved energy performance such as LED lights.