HSG282 Hot Tubs for Holiday Homes: A Guide

Tuesday, 17th Sep 2019 in News

HSG282 Compliant Hot Tubs for Holiday Homes. Hot Tubs and Spas within the holiday home environment has become increasingly popular, some customers have stated that they expect a holiday home to have all the added luxuries which often includes a hot tub where they can relax and unwind in the evenings, particularly if they are holidaying with children.

As an owner of a holiday home, air BnB or chalet, you may be considering investing in a spa for your business. Changes in legislation mean that not all hot tubs are suitable for this environment.

Below are a few guidelines to consider when adding a hot tub to your business premises. There are different regulations for groups of holiday homes who share a hot tub or spa, in this situation a commercial spa is necessary.

HSG282 Explanation, Advice & Recommendations

  • Firstly the hot tub should be extremely durable, certain aspects of domestic hot tubs such as headrests are not designed for the number of bathers which commercial hot tubs experience, although they are a lovely feature you may find that they wear away, crack and become unsightly and will need replacing regularly. Simplicity is best when it comes to commercial hot tubs as that means there is less to break and less to go wrong such a Wi-Fi or speakers.
  • Secondly the hot tub must have an easy to drain mechanism due to the water needing to be changed regularly, you do not want to have to use a hose or move your hot tub around to simply drain it as draining can sometimes be required once a week depending on the number of bathers that are using it. The guidelines suggest that the water is changed once a week or after each changeover, whichever is shortest.
  • Thirdly the new HSG282 guidance recommends that your hot tub have a continuous supply of sanitiser either through a direct feed or through a dosing system, this will ensure your hot tub is continuously dosed correctly and will, therefore, protect your customers against bacteria and diseases.
  • Fourthly you should provide a training sheet for the occupiers of the rental property to ensure they are aware of how to maintain the hot tub whilst they oversee the hot tub during their stay.

Although this may seem like a lot and potentially costly, the investment far outweighs the benefits of happy customers, better reviews and more bookings.

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