The Complete Swimming Pool Cover Guide

Saturday, 02nd Feb 2019 in Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Advice

The Complete Swimming Pool Cover Guide

Swimming pool covers come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials. Whilst the basic purpose of a pool cover is to protect your pool water from external debris, there are also many other functions for pool covers. The question is; what pool cover do you need? Let’s learn more about different types and styles, below.

What Pool Cover?

With so many different types, styles, and numerous variations it can sometimes be difficult to decide what pool cover is best for you and your needs. Below we have listed the various types, how they work and what they are used for.

Solar Covers

For more detail, read our dedicated blog on solar pool covers. Solar covers are designed for use during the summer but have been specifically created to heat your pool, retain heat, reduce evaporation and keep debris out. They are the perfect solution for those who want to help to heat their pool but without needing to spend more on energy bills. They work by transferring the suns heat to your pool water. By reducing evaporation, they will save you money on water bills and chemicals as they reduce chemical loss through evaporation. 

Winter covers 

As the name suggests are designed to be used during the winter, they are thicker than solar covers and offer better resistance against debris which tends to blow into your pool. There are various types of winter covers including ones that let rainwater seep through and others which stop anything from entering your pools. Each has its pros and cons. When you allow rainwater into your pool you would expect your pool to need regular winter checks to ensure that your algae levels do not increase. However, covers that stop rain are put under pressure from rain build up and they require cover pumps to keep the tops clear and therefore securely in place. Winter covers are used when a pool is shut down for the season, they help keep debris and unwanted visitors at bay such as small animals. If you want to keep animals and people safe we would recommend a safety cover.

Safety Covers

These are designed to withstand a certain weight standing/ falling on them, they are the best choice for those with young children and loved pets as they will prevent any unfortunate entry to the pool. Safety covers also come in a wide variety from slatted, manual and automatic depending on your budget and style we can find the perfect one for you. They come in a great range of colours and styles and can make your pool look stylish even when not in use. The Aquaguard cover can be a leading disappearing edge which means it can be tucked away neatly and therefore there will be no unsightly cover at one end when the pool is in use.

You can also find covers that provide a combination of different covers such as a winter safety cover or a solar slatted safety cover so just because you need one type doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other features.

Automatic Covers

These are great for those who struggle with manual covers because they do the work for you, no more winches and save time, simply press a button and voilà your cover opens and closes.

Slatted Covers

Are the more traditional cover, perfect for indoor and outdoor pools. With recent technological advances many of these covers offer solar options for heating pools, they are automatic, and some are safety covers which means you get the best of all the cover features. Aquadeck offers beautiful covers using innovative high-quality impact-resistant polycarbonate slats with a longer life of normal PVC slats, the Aquadeck comes with an amazing warranty, although they are at the higher end of budgets their quality and style are incomparable to other automatic slatted safety covers.

More Questions About Pool Covers?

If you have any questions about What Pool Cover you need? Contact one of our expert team and we will be happy to offer advice and more information.