Top 5 Saltwater pool pumps.

Thursday, 21st Mar 2019 in News

The best pool pumps for Salt water pools and salt chlorine generator systems.

You’ve decided to install a salt chlorine generator system, or you already have one and as you know not every pool pump is suitable for this type of system.

Below are our top 5 pool pumps for saltwater pools and why we like them.

1)      The ITT Argonaut is a mid-range self-priming pump which contains a fully enclosed heavy duty and long life IP55 rated motor. This motor has been designed to provide many years of trouble-free service which means you can spend less time worrying about your system and enjoy your pool. The ITT Argonaut mechanical seal has been specially designed to be used with a variety of sanitising systems including saltwater. The polypropylene tank has a high resistance to chemicals and the body is corrosion resistant. At only 60db this pool pump is exceptionally quiet, and it is exceptionally efficient. The clear tank cover and integral inlet filter basket means it is easy to maintain to ensure many years of great pump service. Starting at £499 (incl vat). View More

2)      The Certikin Euroswim pump powered by DAB is a self-priming centrifugal pump with an outstanding built in pre-filter which protects the pump. The motor is completely isolated from water which means it is corrosion resistant making it a great choice for those with saltwater pools. The pump body is reinforced with technopolymer to reduce corrosion. The motor is cooled by fan and the mechanical seal has been designed to use in aggressive environments commonly used in agriculture and fish farms, making this an exceptionally hardworking yet durable pool pump option. Starting at £489 (incl vat). View more

3)      The Plastica AG pump is a high performance, reliable and robust pool pump and is a popular choice with those looking to upgrade their pump. Although it can be used with a variety of sanitisers a flush with fresh water is required upon shut down when using a salt chlorine generator. It can be used with a high salt concentration and comes with ingress protection. Once again, this pump contains a polypropylene tank which is highly chemical resistant. It is self-priming up to 3m and contains a stainless-steel motor shaft. The ceramic and carbon mechanical seal means it is perfect for a salt water application. Quiet to run at only 60db. Comes with a large strainer basket and clear tank cover for easy maintenance. Starting at £494 (incl vat). View More.

4)      The Sta-Rite S5P2R is the new version of the 5P2R and has been specially developed to use in saltwater pools. Although slightly more expensive it is exceptionally energy efficient and uses 80% less energy than the 5P2R therefore it will save you money in the long run. It has a stainless-steel saltwater resistant shaft and an efficient 1.5hp magnetic drive motor. Easy to use and simple to winterise due to multiple drain locations. Starting at £693.20 (incl vat). View more.

5)      The Hayward RS II VSTD is the perfect all-round pool pump offering the ability to connect and control external devices such as your lights and heat pump. It is a heavy-duty pool pump with outstanding energy efficiency properties including variable speed options. Salt water resistant up to 0.4%, with a German motor for reliability and efficiency. It has a control box with timer function so you can monitor and easily control the pumps usage. It will provide you with optimum filtration and durability for long and hassle-free use. Starting at £1010 (incl vat). View more.

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