Why choose on site lining for your pool?

Thursday, 28th Mar 2019 in News

Why choose an onsite liner instead of a pre-cut liner?
Pool liners have come a long way since they were first introduced, with advances in quality, thickness and choice. Gone are the days where you had a choice between, blue, light blue and beige, now liners offer a beautiful array of colours, patterns and 3d embossed for realistic mosaic effects and textured sand.

Liners are our preferred method of transforming tired concrete pools, some prefer to use fibreglass but during our years in the industry we have discovered that this can a: be more costly and b: cause issues if the concrete moves or cracks. A liner has some flexibility and therefore can move with the pool, it also keeps small cracks hidden without impacting the usability of the pool.

Pre cut liners were traditionally used but now onsite lining has taken the industry by storm and here is why we prefer them.

Traditional liners require a lengthy process to be made an installed and can cause several issues. Firstly, the pool contractor will need to measure your pool and these measurements need to be perfect. Once these measurements are sent off to the factory, the factory then create scaled drawings; the pool is then divided into panels and sections, the sizes are then reduced to allow for stretching as you want your liner to be snug to the pool walls. Once these panels are all cut, they are then welded together through a brass welding tool.  This process can be very time consuming and if any of the measurements are off this can cause problems when the pool contractor comes to fit the liner. These liners have a life span of around 7-10 years and the manufacturing guarantee is around 5 years.


  • Made and welded in a factory
  • Cut exactly to your pool size before delivery


  • Takes a long time to manufacture
  • Needs exact measurements
  • Short life time guarantee

On site reinforced liners are durable, thicker and have a much better guarantee of up to 15 years however most onsite liners will last up to 16 years when looked after properly. They come in a large variety of colours and textures and therefore you can be more creative with the design of your pool. Reinforced rolls of PVC are delivered to the site and are tailor cut to your pool shape and size, the cut panels are joined together using hot air and can be used with either a liner lock or metal profile to give a seamless finish. Felt is used underneath the liner for a softer and more durable finish. Very popular in commercial pools due to the snug and seamless finish.


  • Fast and easy to install
  • Exceptional finish
  • Great array of colours, patterns etc.
  • Perfect fit for your pool
  • Cheaper than fibreglass


  • Needs to be installed by an onsite liner professional.

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