Aqua Gentle – Water Care Kit

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Aqua Gentle Water Care Kit includes:

  • Aqua Gentle test strips for daily water testing.
  • Aqua Gentle Fizzy Tabs for daily disinfection of your hot tub water.
  • Aqua Gentle Conditioning Liquid for a weekly water softening treatment.
  • Spa Fusion for bi-weekly water treatment.
  • Easy-to-follow support guide


The Aqua Gentle Water Care Kit includes everything required to manage a hot tub’s routine water care: testing, treating, and conditioning. Aqua Gentle’s highly advanced formula helps to prevent bacteria that may build up in the pipework. With less bacteria in the water, you won’t need to top up with chemicals as often, and your hot tub will stay safe and sparkling for longer.

The Aqua Gentle Benefits:

  • Convenient for customers: eliminates the need for multiple routine water care products.
  • Lowers chemical consumption: Aqua Gentle Conditioning Liquid helps to prevent a build-up of biofilm in the pipework, which makes the sanitiser more effective and thus reduces the amount required.
  • Soft and gentle formula: Aqua Gentle has been especially formulated to make the water feel luxurious and soft against the skin.
  • Lightly fragranced: Aqua Gentle Conditioning Liquid has a light lavender scent for a calm and tranquil bathing experience.


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