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Inver X Warrior AI Pool Cleaner | Blue Cube Direct


The Inver X Warrior AI pool cleaner is a next-generation cordless pool cleaner. The Inver X has no cable, no caddy and is completely rechargeable. The clever pool cleaner uses i-Mapping Technology to efficiently clean pools of any shape.

It is suitable for all pool finishes and can climb vertical surfaces, even Perspex. The built-in AI and Freedrive technology means it will avoid obstacles and can navigate the pool floor, walls and waterline accurately and efficiently.

The Inver X comes with 6 features that make it stand out from the crowd of other robotic pool cleaners.

Inver X Warrior AI Pool Cleaner | Blue Cube Direct

Operated by 3DC motors
With precise coordination of 3 DC motors the core control system coordinates the running power of the three DC motors between 20%-100% (averaging 50%), working in sync to create longer endurance.

Patented 3D S path
With built-in AI the Cordless Pool cleaner uses its precise Gyroscope motion sensor and 6 probes to gather spatial data to plot the path it will take for each clean. It can spatially detect objects it will need to avoid, and its self-developed algorithm is continuously analysing, working the pool with its anti-bump skill and 90° turning. This method will save you 60% cleaning time!

App operation
Before the Robot goes into the water you can set the desired programs from your smartphone or tablet, you don’t have to think about it until it is ready to be recharged. Plan your cleaning cycles from the comfort of your sofa.

Delay timer function and holiday mode
Alternatively using the buttons on the cleaner you can pre-program cycles to perform at set intervals and leave the cleaner in the pool even when it is not cleaning. This means you can rely on the cleaner to perform whilst you are away from your property, and you will arrive home to a pool that hasn’t missed a clean and is ready to swim in.

No maximum pool size
Unlike other cleaners on the market, you are not restricted by the size of your pool or the length or inconvenience of an attached cable. Each model performs to the same high standard, the only difference is the battery life, so it just comes down to the endurance you require for a specific level of cleaning. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Avoids obstacles using built in AI
  • Charging time from 2-5hrs
  • Long battery life from 3-8hours
  • Choice of pre-programmed cleaning times– 30mins, 1 hour and 2 hour
  • Auto-clean every 24,48 or 72 hours for up to 5 days or more*
  • Timer-delay function
  • Can be managed via the App, to offer a higher degree of cleaning options tailored to you
  • Navigates using i-Mapping and Freedrive technology
  • Comes with a hook for easy removal from the water
  • Magnetic basket collects leaves and small debris
  • Pool size is not restricted by cable length, its cordless
  • Filter capacity 3.2L
  • Can be set to clean floor only or floor/walls and waterline
  • Travels at 12m/min

*Dependant on pool size, mode and battery capacity of model

Technical Information:

Model X30 X45 X60 X80
Suggested pool size 15~30m2 15~40m2 20~50m2 30~70m2
Endurance time 3h 4.5h 6h 8h
Charging time 2h 3h 4h 5h
Battery 5.2AH 7.8AH 10.4AH 14AH
Cleaning mode Floor only / Floor & Wall & Waterline
Cleaning time circle 0.5/1/2 hour
AI mode Every 1/2/3 days circle cleaning (Auto start)
Cleaning path 3D S cleaning path
App Yes
Other function Auto stop at poolside after cleaning
Weight 10.4kg 10.9kg 11.4kg 11.5kg
Warranty 2 year robot + 3 year battery


Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg





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