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Thermecro Complete Systems include: Pool Interface, Digital Solar Controller, Pipe Plumbing Kit & Solar Rig Adjustable Leg Kit

Please note: Pipe is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

Delivery is NOT included in this price due to size and weight. Please contact us for a delivery cost before ordering.


The Thermecro Solar Pool Heater converts a staggering 92% of solar radiation that strikes it into hot water for your swimming pool or spa. Thermecro is not reliant on outside temperatures or direct sunlight so, unlike any other solar heaters on the market, it will work optimally in all weather conditions, temperatures, and locations.

Thermecro serves as a secondary heating device. By utilising an electric heater, heat pump, or heat exchanger as the primary heat source, the water temperature is initially raised to the desired level. Once the desired temperature is reached, Thermecro will activate, continuously maintaining the temperature by compensating for heat loss in the pool. Thermecro is sea and salt-chlorinated water compatible.

Made in the UK by Elecro Engineering, you can be assured of the very best in quality.

Thermecro Complete Systems include:

Pool Interface
Digital Solar Controller
Pipe Plumbing Kit
Solar Rig Adjustable Leg Kit

Please note: Pipe is not included and will need to be purchased separately.


  • Generates far more hot water per m² than any other solar heating system
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption
  • Achieves significantly higher temperatures than any other solar collector
  • Works by collecting solar radiation, even with low sunlight
  • Eco-Friendly, reducing carbon footprint
  • Perfectly insulated so delivers hot water to your pool or spa with virtually zero losses
  • Uses no external power to generate hot water, so offers financial savings from the first day of installation
  • Easy installation. Using the supplied installation kit, Thermecro can simply be plumbed into any existing pool or spa filtration circuit. No auxiliary pump or heat exchanger required
  • Sea and salt chlorinated water compatible
  • Can be installed on the floor, wall or roof


Description Max Pool
Volume (m³)
Output (kW)
Weight (kg)
Mass (kg)
Weight (kg)
16 Tube Array only 10 1.5 1128 47.00 +2.36 52.00 1.81
32 Tube Array only 20 3 2148 97.00 +4.72 108.00 2.43
48 Tube Array only 30 4.5 3180 137.00 +7.08 148.00 4.25
16 Tube Complete system 10 1.5 1128 70.00 +2.36 78.00 1.88
32 Tube Complete system 20 3 2148 124.00 +4.72 134.00 2.50
48 Tube Complete system 30 4.5 3180 160.00 +7.08 174.00 4.32

Thermecro Solar Pool Heater Dimensions | Blue Cube Direct

Why Choose Thermecro?

Unlike other solar heaters, Thermecro is not reliant on outside temperatures but can work optimally in most weather conditions, temperatures, and locations. However, for maximum efficiency, the system is most effective over long periods of exposure to the sun.

In the UK, the average irradiance* during the swimming season, from April to September, was measured at 949.57 kWh/m2. While the heating output is dependent on the available solar irradiance per day, the Thermecro solar heater will deliver the rated power output during these longer days of exposure.

Since solar heating systems only work during the day, it is suggested to raise the water temperature of your Thermecro solar heating system by two or three degrees. This will compensate for the heat loss during the night, enabling you to enjoy the desired temperature at any time.

It is also recommended to insulate the pool wherever possible to reduce evaporation and heat loss. This can include insulating the sides of an above-ground pool, insulating pipework and using a pool cover for when the pool is not in use.

To further increase exposure, the solar panel can be adjusted between 20 and 60 degrees, using the solar rig adjustment leg kit, supplied with the complete Thermecro system.


Evacuated Radiation Collector Tubes Borosilicate 3.3 (Pyrex) 1500mm x 58mm
Frame Material Anodised aluminium 3mm wall sections
Water Connections 1″ BSP male thread (x2 pairs)
Temperature Sensor Pool interface: 1 metre long NTC; thermistor 103AT-2, R25=10K B=3435K
Evacuated tube: 1.5 metres long high-temperature NTC; thermistor G560
Mounting Floor standing or roof mounting
Optional Accessories Solar Controller and Pool Interface Valve
Control Power Supply Single phase 220-240V
Ingress Protection Rating IP44
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Accessory Mounting Wall mounting


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