EnergyGuard Selective Transmission Cover


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  • Manufactured using GeoBubble™ material
  • Inhibit Algae Growth & reduce debris contamination
  • Reduce energy and chemical consumption by up to 60%
  • Eliminates water evaporation by 98%+
  • Save money and shrink the carbon footprint of your pool
  • 8-year pro-rata warranty (UK & Eire only)


The EnergyGuard Selective Transmission cover is a 500-micron GeoBubble pool cover that can be used all year round. This cover will transform your pool energy experience. The material’s Midnight Blue surface absorbs the UV and visible light vital to photosynthesis while allowing transmission of infrared wavelengths through the material to directly heat the body of water. The Selective Transmission was awarded the 2018 Business Innovation Award for “delivering significant societal and economic impacts through applying physics”.

Available in pre-set sizes listed above or bespoke to your pool dimensions. The EnergyGuard comes as standard in 140-grade material but is also available in 180-grade material for hotter environments and a woven variant, offering unparalleled strength and even better energy savings. You can also add a factory-fitted leading edge and a roller to store the cover poolside and allow for easy handling.

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EnergyGuard Selective Transmission
Maximising your pool temperature and inhibiting algae growth, at the same time, is now possible with this innovative light-filtering material. There is now no need to compromise between temperature performance and chemical savings. Offering optimized solar gain and algae inhibition, the patented EnergyGuard material now effectively delivers the best possible balance between solar heat gain, chemical and filtration reductions. This makes it the most innovative Geobubble solar cover to date.

Selective Trasmission
The midnight blue bubble layer of the material is designed to absorb UV and visible light vital to photosynthesis while allowing for the transmission of infrared wavelengths through the material. This will directly heat the body of water in your pool.

Increased Solar Gain, Chemical and Filtration Savings
The material original selective transmission properties increase the pool temperatures efficiently and sustainably. Tests in the UK have shown temperature increases of up to 5˚C. The material’s opacity in the visible wavelengths inhibits algae growth. Furthermore, the cover’s ability to block UV light reduces chlorine deactivation due to photolysis. This results in chemical savings and reduced filtration requirements.

Evaporation prevention
By working as a physical barrier to evaporation the new EnergyGuard selective transmission cover material both preserves water resources and prevents evaporative cooling of the water.

Insulating properties
The air cells in the new EnergyGuard material provide buoyancy and insulation. The cover absorbs heat radiated by the water into the atmosphere.

Quality and longevity
The new EnergyGuard material uses the improved GeoBubble shape scientifically designed to prevent premature degradation around bubble corners. Combined with the best additive package, the longevity is increased by 25%, resulting in a sustainable, 100% recyclable, energy-saving and cost-efficient product with a 8-year pro-rata manufacturer’s warranty.


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