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The Euroswim is extremely popular due to its low noise levels and minimal maintenance. It is self-priming and has a large pre-filter basket so less emptying.

The Vision filter was developed by Certikin with some special features, it is available as a side or top mounted filter.

The Top Mount Vision filter features a clear valve mounting ring that allows a clear view of filtration and backwashing during operation.

The Side Mount Vision features a clear 10″ lid for ease of maintenance and a clear view of filtration and backwashing during operation. 

Features of the Euroswim:

  • High-efficiency pump for swimming pools
  • High capacity pre-filter: Up to 1.5HP 4 litres and 3HP from 5 litres
  • 2- suction and discharge ports reinforced with stainless steel rings
  • Liquid temperature: Up to 60 deg C
  • Ambient temperature: Up to 50 deg C
  • Reduced noise levels of 53-64 LpA
  • Strainer cover in clear polycarbonate to guarantee constant visibility through time
  • Suitable for salt chlorinated pools

Features of the Vision Filter:

  • Patented 10- lid for ease of maintenance
  • 10-year tank warranty for residential installations 
  • Bobbin wound using the latest in fibreglass winding technology
  • Clear mounting ring on top mount models – allowing a clear view of filtration and backwashing during operation
  • The multiport valve comes complete with 1.5″ and 50mm quick connect unions
  • Hydraulically balanced laterals to maximise water flow and filtration 
  • Automatic internal air bleed to expel any unwanted air in the tank 
  • Max working pressure 2.5 bar 
  • Also available as a 4 bar model



Vision Filter and Euroswim Pump

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