CoverMate Easy Hot Tub Cover lifter

RRP: £380.64


CoverMate Easy Hot Tub Cover lifter. Designed to make moving your spa or hot tub cover easy and quick. No more struggling lift your thick heavy insulated cover, simply use the handle to pull back and lift, simple.


  • Requires just 18 inches of clearance behind the spa
  • This basic lift simply looks better than the competition
  • Powder-coated, aluminum tubing with easy-to-install, non-corrosive mounting brackets
  • Durable, corrosion-free nylon catch straps provide a more stylish look, as compared to chains


Dimensions: Length: up to 8 feet
Additional Notes: Can be adjusted to fit most tubs, It comes with two hinges which attach to the bottom of the tub and stop chains to ensure the cover sits safely and securely to the back of the tub

Tub must have at least 18 inches clearance at the back for this lifter to work correctly.

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